Inspired by a new romance, and the road.  In 2014, I was preparing for a six-month national tour called AS THE CROW FLIES.  Just before leaving—and while on the tour--I created several songs that reflect the emotions and magic of a developing relationship.   On the road, my writing was inspired by the struggle of distance from my partner, my solitude and my thoughts of home, family and friends.  I returned to Eugene in February of 2015, and Meg and I renewed our connection.  In July of that year, my father passed away.  The final song on the CD is a tribute to my him--Dayton Patrick--and a reflection on our temporary journey on earth.     

You can buy and download songs--or the entire CD from this page.  If you want a physical copy, please email me a, or pick one up at one of my shows.  

A fun collection of tunes that focus on the theme of "Advice"--all of which is questionable.   Email me at to buy a copy--or pick one up at a show.   

Peter and I have remastered our 2011 CD with arrangements of songs we created during our 4 years of shows at Peabody's Pub.  My daughter Katie Patrick designed beautiful new artwork for the case and CD too!  Email me at to buy a copy, or pick one up at one of my shows.  

FREE STUFF!!!  Stickers for your car, tractor, school lunchbox, guitar case, briefcase, covered wagon--whatever you desire.   Send me an email at with your address and I will mail you one or both.   


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