Friday, February 14, 8-11:30p, “Celebrate Love,” Mac’s Restaurant – RIFFLE      We'll be rockin' at the best dance club in Eugene on this sweet holiday.  The historic Mac's has a great dinner menu too, for a full night of celebrating love! $7 at the door. 

Sat. Feb. 15, 5-8p, Country Inn Events Center “Crab Fest” – PATRICK & GIRI  RESERVATIONS required for this incredible, all you can eat buffet that features fresh Oregon crab.  Visit their website to see their delicious, multiple entree meal.   Peter and I will playing our acoustic guitars in their beautiful event center.   eugenecountryinn.com and 541-345-7344.   $55 per person.

Friday, March 6, 6-7p, Eugene Library First Friday Art Walk - RIFFLE

Friday, April 3, Mac’s Restaurant & Nightclub - RIFFLE

Saturday, May 2, 7-10p, Drain Civic Center “Library Fundraiser” - RIFFLE

Friday, May 22, 4th Annual “Triple Birthday Party,” Mac’s Restaurant - RIFFLE

Saturday, May 23, 5-8p, Pfeiffer Winery, “Memorial Weekend” – RIFFLE

Monday, May 25,1-4p, LaVelle Vineyards “Memorial Weekend” – RIFFLE

Friday, May 29, 6-9p, Pfeiffer Winery, “Burgers & Blues” – RIFFLE

Friday, June 5, 6-9p, Bennett Vineyards - RIFFLE

Friday, June 26, 6-9p, Pfeiffer Winery, “Burgers & Blues” – RIFFLE

Saturday, June 27,6-9p, LaVelle Vineyards – RIFFLE

Friday, July 17, 6-9p, Bennett Vineyards "Harvest Hop" Party - RIFFLE

Friday, July 24, 6-9p, Pfeiffer Winery, “Burgers & Blues” – RIFFLE

Saturday, July 25, 6-9p, LaVelle Vineyards – RIFFLE

Saturday., August 8, 6-9p, Bennett Vineyards Party - RIFFLE

Saturday, August 22,6-9p, LaVelle Vineyards – RIFFLE

Friday, August 28, 6-9p, Pfeiffer Winery, “Burgers & Blues” – RIFFLE

Monday, September 7, 1-4p, LaVelle Vineyards – RIFFLE

 Fri., Sept. 11, 6-9p, Bennett Vineyards "Harvest Hop" Party - RIFFLE

Friday., October 30, 6-9p, Bennett Vineyards "Harvest Hop" Party - RIFFLE

Saturday, October 31, 6-9p, Pfeiffer Winery, “Halloween Party” – RIFFLE

Fri., Dec.18, “3rd Annual Wear Red Baby,” Mac’s Restaurant & Nightclub - RIFFLE 

Thur., Dec. 31, 7-11p, New Year’s with LaVelle WInery @Valley River Inn – RIFFLE





RIFFLE - Friday Art Walk at the Library

EUGENE PUBLIC LIBRARY, 100 West 10th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon

Rock with us under the Library’s rotunda—and then stroll downtown to enjoy art, food, friends and fun.  The rotunda room has wonderful, natural reverb from the stone floor, spiral staircase and dome.