Timothy Patrick

Timothy is more than a musician--he's an entertainer. He weaves songs, instrumentals, humor, audience interaction and visually rich “PatrickPoint” slide shows to engage and connect with audiences.  His goal for every show is to create memorable experiences through music, stories, images and comedy.


Timothy has been a professional entertainer since 1984 when he formed a duo with Pamela Hawks called RIFFLE.  Within the first year, the band grew to be a quartet, and in 1988 they became a quintet.  RIFFLE's specialty is dance music for events and club dates.  In addition to getting people moving, they work to connect with the audience through showmanship and comedy, as well as music.  RIFFLE has been going strong for 32 years, and continues today as a true “party” band! Visit 


Timothy’s solo act is a unique entertainment experience.  In addition to singing and playing acoustic guitar, he uses a computer, projector and screen to share elaborate PowerPoint slide shows he calls “PatrickPoint.” For dinner parties, conventions, house concerts and in retirement communities, he presents 20 to 90 minute programs focused on themes.  He currently has 12 titles; check them out via the MULTIMEDIA SHOWS tab on this site.  In addition to this current roster of programs, he can customize shows for clients.              


Timothy also performs in Eugene’s favorite acoustic duo, PATRICK & GIRI.  He and the amazing guitarist Peter Giri formed their dynamic act in 2005, and appeared every week for more than 7 years, until November of 2013.  They currently play at Eugene area night clubs, wineries and at private parties. Visit www.patrickandgiri                                                                                                         


As the Crow Flies - 2015

Questionable Advice - 2012

Hangin' with Mr. Peabody (Patrick & Giri) - 2011